As drones have become more common, it’s not uncommon to see them buzzing around neighborhoods and taking aerial shots of homes. This is often the first impression people get when they are looking at a house for sale or rent so many real estate agents are using this type of photography as an important part of their marketing plan.

To get the best possible shots from their drone, agents are using a wide range of equipment. Some drones come with cameras built in while others need to be mounted on an external camera system like a gimbal or helicopter mount. Shots can also be taken remotely by connecting your phone to the controller and taking pictures that way. The type of camera or camera system will depend on the type of shoot and what’s needed to capture the best possible shot. Contact Drone Photography for professional drone photography and videography service.

Benefits of hiring a professional real estate photographer

The benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your real estate photography needs are numerous. First, we offer this service have been vetted by our work and customer reviews to be able to provide you with high-quality results. Second, we understand how detrimental bad photos can be when trying to sell or rent out property so they invest heavily in the equipment and skills needed to help you get the best possible photos. Third, we will also have a team of professionals on their side that can handle everything from choosing locations to getting the right angles for each shot. Finally, hiring one of these companies is often much more affordable than trying to do it yourself which means that you are likely going to end up with a better end product than if you had tried to do it on your own.

Your trusted real estate photography company will work closely with you so that we can make sure every aspect of the shoot is tailored to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today for more information.

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Drone photography is a new way of capturing the world around you. It's an unforgiving but beautiful view into what we normally overlook in our lives, and it creates stunning images that are unlike anything before seen on Instagram or Netflix documentaries. The camera will follow your every move, and due to their size drones can go places where a human can't. They are the perfect camera and photographer for capturing those once in a lifetime shots that you're sure to love.

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The popularity of drones for taking photographs has grown significantly in recent years, but their legality is still a bit fuzzy. Drones are highly prohibited from operating near airports (and some people say that they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere), and there’s been talk about potential privacy breaches when using them over private property because the photos can easily end up on social media.

But with the right precautions, drones can be safer and more enjoyable to use than a helicopter or an airplane for aerial photography. We’ve been using our drone commercially for over [# OF YEARS ]years now , and we’ve been able to do things with it that would be very difficult or impossible otherwise.